Astrology birth chart how to read

Learning to Interpret a Birth Chart

Your Sun Sign is the reflection of your outer personality. With this, you may know about your inherent skills, talents, choices, and traits. While with moon sign you may explore the inner feelings and emotions hidden in your inner subconscious. Planets and their position in the astrology birth chart are important to understand their impact on your life. Thus, the next step in the reading is to locate the planets. After locating the positions of planets in the houses, you need to find out the sign they are placed in with the help of table 1. A little practice and you may master the art of astrology birth chart reading.

Another important aspect of birth chart analysis is the balancing of elements. According to astrologers, there are 4 elements in the astrology which are- Air, Earth, Water, and Fire. Each element is said to be associated with 12 zodiac signs and has a certain influence on your life which can be studied with the help of astrology signs guide. To interpret the planetary positions, you must understand the twelve houses of astrology. Every house in your birth chart depicts a specific area of your life and can help you to understand the events in a particular field. The planetary positions and transition in these houses in different time zones offer various interpretations and explanations.

With the right information about houses, you may explore the events, diseases, qualities, challenges at different stages of life. Interpreting the aspects is the major part of the birth chart analysis. To make a better understanding of planets, you must know the association formed between planets, houses and zodiac signs.

Some major aspects are conjunct, square, trine, and sextile. It can be present anywhere in the birth chart. The more you know about these aspects, the more you will learn to interpret the effects of planets and stars in your life. By understanding this concept, you may easily read and analyze what the Universe has to say about you.

Learning to Interpret Birth Charts

Understanding astrology is not easy but with the consistent efforts and using the above techniques, you may easily deduce an astrology birth chart. Your birth chart is the master key to your inner soul. It may unlock the deep knowledge and connect you to the higher wisdom which you need to lead a happy and prosperous life. Looking for something? You can create your own birth chart with the help of 3 easy steps: 1. Place of birth where you were born. Find the ten Planets. Inside the twelve houses you find the ten planets. If you are counting more than ten in your Birth Chart that is because some websites or programs or astrologers show other points of interest in the heavens.

Do not worry about these.

Recognize the Aspects. Finally, in the middle of the Birth Chart there are usually a whole lot of lines. They show interplanetary relation- ships and are called aspects. Find the Horizon. Across the middle of the chart there is a line that represents the horizon. It goes from east to west, with east on the left of your chart. This is counterintuitive because on a regular map the left side shows west. As we see in this example, this line is often not continuous but is interrupted by the aspects.

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Find the Ascendant. As the earth rotates or "falls away" from the fixed stars and sky, it appears that the heavens rise up from the east because we don't notice the rotation of the earth. The resulting apparent movment of the heavens falling away to the east is most notable on a starlit night.

How to Interpret an Astrological Chart

For now just mark the point where the horizon meets the Zodiac with "Asc. Then find its opposite point, the Descendant and label it Des. Find the MC, and IC. At the highest point in the sky not necessrily the highest point of the chart we find the Midheaven. This is where the Sun was at the zenith or in the south at the moment in time we are mapping.

The Planets

Label it now. In most charts, the cross created by connecting these four points is marked by thicker lines. Re-visit the Ascendant. You already know where the Ascendant is.

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It is the point where the eastern horizon, extended into infinity, intersects the Zodiac. Find the Sign. Compare the sign that the Ascendant intersects with the list of all the signs. In our example it is Pisces. Learn the Terminology. The proper terminology is as follows: "This Ascendant is in Pisces. Mark the First House. Now that we know the Ascendant we have also identified the starting point of the chart.

The Ascendant is always the beginning of the First House. We count the houses counterclockwise. Mark the other Houses. Use ascending numericals from Some charts have this already marked. Note the house sizes: The houses in a chart are not necessarily all the same size but they can be. Locate the Planets. Now we are ready to read the planets using the table in the center of our sample chart as a guide. Find all ten by name.